# Progress report for Jacobsuni-FAU M.Kohlhase Reporting period from March 2017 to January 2018 ---
# Progress report for Jacobsuni-FAU M.Kohlhase Reporting period from March 2017 to January 2018 --- ## Finance and administration On 18/01/2018 the Jacobs University has officially terminated from the OpenDreamKit project. With the recent grant agreement amendment all responsibilities have gone to FAU; the termination report still needs to be completed. Finance and admin for the KWARC group (Kohlhase/Rabe) in good hands at FAU now. There is still an issue about the un-used pre-payment for JacU that needs to be resolved via the coordinator. The agreement is that this should go to FAU in its entirety (modulo possibly some travel funds for Florian Rabe that could go to LRI with his shared appointment). --- ## Hiring We have hired three researchers on half-positions: - M. Sc. Tom Wiesing on September 1. 2017 for work on virtual theories and the MathHub.ionfo system - M. Sc. Theresa Pollinger for work on the MitM ongology and interfacing mathematical modelling and simulation systems. - PD Dr. Florian Rabe (shared appointment with LRI) for foundational work on the MMT system and MitM-based system integration. This brings FAU to nominal strenght after the move. --- ## Achievements - First working Math-in-the-Middle (MitM)-based distributed computation between GAP, MMT, Singular, and Sage. - Four releases of the MMT system; established a six-week release cycle. - much improved support for the [MitM Foundation](https://gl.mathhub.info/MitM/Foundation), a representation system for mathematical knowledge featuring dependent record types, theory internalization into record types for their models and subtyping - Started the [MitM Ontology](https://mathhub.info/MitM) with knowledge on elliptic curves, computational group theory, partial differential equations, physical constants, laws, and units formalized in the MitM foundation (collaboration with St. Andrews and WIAS Berlin). - Generated API theory graphs for GAP (with St. Andrews), Sage (LRI), LMFDB (Warwick), Singular (Kaiserslautern). - Experimental Jupyter Kernel for MMT - [Four international conference publications](http://kwarc.github.io/bibs/odk/) - Two M.Sc. Theses: Theresa Pollinger and Tom Wiesing -- ## Work in progress - Using Jupyter for document-embedded computing - API theory graph for PARI/GP - scaling MMT Virtual Theories to the LMFDB - Formalizing of Tannakian Symbols and supporting virtual theories in MathHub (external collaboration with Andreas Holstrom). --- ## Workshops and dissemination activities - OpenMath Workshop at CICM 2017 -- ## Other