# Simula Progress Report Min Ragan-Kelley April 2017 - January 2018 --- ## Finance and administration Martin Aln├Žs left Simula in October 2017, leaving some funding shifted to extend postdocs Fauske and Ragan-Kelley to finish the grant. This is represented in the latest Grant update. Ragan-Kelley is now the site leader for Simula. --- ## Hiring No hiring was done during this period. --- ## Achievements - new packages for 3d visualization in notebooks: ipydatawidgets and unray toward (D4.12, T4.8) - new Jupyter notebook extension for nbdime (T4.2) - improvements to nbval for testing notebooks (T4.3) - new package thebelab for interactive execution of non-notebook webpages (T4.4) - Extensive development on Jupyter Widgets infrastructure for visualization (T4.8) --- ## Work in progress - Significant progress toward D4.12 the IPython widgets ecosystem - Integration of nbdime into JupyterLab (T4.2) - Collaboration with Jupyter team on live collaboration in notebooks (D4.15) --- ## Workshops and dissemination activities - Jupyter and IPython facilitating open access and reproducible research, 2nd Conference on Non-Textual Information: Software and Services for Science (S3), 2017 - Interactive 3D Visualization in Jupyter Notebooks, EuroSciPy 2017 - Hosted Workshop on Live Structured Documents at Simula in October, 2017 - Participated in Jupyter Widgets workshop in Paris, January 2018