# Progress report for Sheffield Michael Croucher and Neil Lawrence --- ## Financial and administrative setup - Some dragging of feet on consortium agreement, but seems to be progressing. --- ## Hiring - Have permission to advertise. - First post advert about to go out. - Likely two year contract, initial focus on HPC (D5.3). --- ## Achievements - Open Data Science Meetups held across September to December 2015 - Data@Sheffield event for highlighting activities. - Repository of courses delivered on SMC started. - Accepted proposal for MSc in Data Analytics (to use open teaching techniques and SMC). - EPSRC Fellowship for Mike Croucher is expanding our agenda and remit nationwide. --- ## Initial Work on Deliverables - Deliverables - D5.6 SGE Support for Project Jupyter Hub (M12, September 1st?). - Prototype has been installed on Sheffield's HPC system. Will form the basis of future development. http://rcg.group.shef.ac.uk/iceberg/using-iceberg/accessing/jupyterhub.html - D2.4 Short course for lecturers on using ODK (M18, March 1st 2017). - Mike has already supported a biologist on delivering a module using SMC. - Currently developing a course on use of SMC/Jupyter for physics lecturers. Delivery expected April 2015. - Wider role out across the University hoped for by 2017. - D2.5 Course material on using ODK in science and eduction (M24, September 1st 2017) - On track with departments from Physics to Psychology. - D2.12 Repository of Interactive Notebooks (M42, March 1st 2018) - Well under way also as part of teaching preparation. --- ## Deliverable Horizons - D7.3 Mechanism for comments on notebooks (M24, September 1st 2017) - Not yet started - D7.4 Demo Jupyter Live Poster (M36, September 1st 2018) - Not yet started - D7.6 Review of New Publication Mechanisms & Demonstrator Projects (M42, March 1st 2018) - Not yet started ---