# Progress report for Simula Martin Alnæs and Min RK --- ## Financial and administrative setup - Everything on rails: money arrived, first expenses done --- ## Hiring - N.N., Postdoctoral Fellow - Application posted on opendreamkit.org, euraxess.eu, finn.no, nav.no, jupyter email list, NA digest. - **Few replies, one week to application deadline** - Start: As soon as possible - Duration: two years - Please spread to relevant candidates. --- ## Achievements - Progress on [D4.6: Tools for collaborating on notebooks via version-control](https://github.com/OpenDreamKit/OpenDreamKit/issues/95) - Prototyping started as project [nbdime](https://github.com/martinal/nbdime) - Discussion with Jupyter community started under [JPEP#8](https://github.com/jupyter/enhancement-proposals/pull/8) - Due month 12. --- ## Main upcoming tasks and deliverables (1/2) Notes on other WP4 deliverables: - Due month 6: - D4.1 (PARI) - moved responsibility to WP3 - D4.2 (Report on Active/Structured Documents Requirements and existing Solutions) Jacobs University in charge -- ## Main upcoming tasks and deliverables (2/2) - Due month 12: - D4.3 (MathHub.info) Jacobs University in charge - D4.4 (GAP/PARI kernels) UPSud leads this one, I believe there was work done at a PARI workshop - D4.5 (Sage/Jupyter notebooks) Some work for .rst in https://github.com/nthiery/rst-to-ipynb --- ## Additional Notes - Martin Alnæs is on leave from mid April to end of July. - This makes hiring postdoc soon more critical for completion of D4.6. - Consider this a minor risk as we already have progress.