# Progress report for UVersailles Luca De Feo --- ## Financial and administrative setup - Money arrived, first expenses done, still figuring out internal expenses and time accounting. --- ## Main upcoming tasks and deliverables - D3.1 Virtual images and containers: underway (with Paris Sud, Kaiserslautern), need to collect input from other centers (Southampton, Bremen), will be finished on time (due M6). - D2.7 Community-curated indexing tool: discussions underway, also with GEANT OER, strategy not clear yet (due M24) - D4.1 Python/Cython bindings for PARI and its integration in Sage: work started at PARI/GP workshop, still figuring out the best way to do it, will be finished on time (due M6) --- ## Additional notes - Nicolas Gama is on leave until september 2016, possibly september 2017 (this will not affect the project). - Luca De Feo is currently the only researcher in UVersailles, in practice attached to Paris Sud.