Survey on Knowledge Representation

Survey on Knowledge Representation

The idea for the presentations is that we efficiently collect and share information about knowledge representation in the various systems (in data and software). It is NOT to present the systems in general. Therefore we will only ask presenters to structure their (half-hour) presentation around the following questions. Feel free to comment on this file/initiate issues to discuss this with us (@pdehaye, @kohlhase, @frabe).

  1. Overview at a high level of your system

Give a 5 minute talk about the mathematics we need to grasp what you are trying to achieve with your system. This means introducing the concepts that are important, focusing on how they relate, rather than their definition. This is not concerned with questions of implementation of your system, yet.

  1. What data do you have?
  2. Structure
  3. Format
  4. How is it produced?
  5. How is it changed?
  6. How do you document it?

  7. What knowledge do you have?
  8. Sources of external knowledge?
  9. Can you point to implicit knowledge? Is it common knowledge?
  10. What would you gain if it was made explicit/machine actionable?
  11. Have you gone in this direction? How did you represent the knowledge then?
  12. How do you collaborate on knowledge representation?

  13. What software do you have?
  14. What custom software are you running?
  15. In which language?
  16. How does it use the data and the knowledge?
  17. How does your software act on represented knowledge?

  18. Mixing (revisit?)
  19. Which knowledge is implicit in the data you have?
  20. Which knowledge is implicit in the software you have?