# D1.2: Data Management Plan V1 - Bremen, 28th June 2016 Beno├«t PILORGET ## Content - Templates of inspiration - Work procedure - Data responsibility & full open access basis - Datasets - Openaccess - Next step: datasets security and preservation, data definition for our field --- ## Templates of inspiration - ODK = part of pilot action on open access to research data for e-infrastructure projects - No official template available at the time - Inspiration from DMP template from Sorbonne Universit├ęs (template advised by the CNRS) - DMP V1 focused on open access procedures & datasets --- ## Work procedure - Each site was asked to define datasets they are using on OpenDreamKit - Datasets uploaded on an online document via Github OpenDreamkit repository - Datasets were recompiled: datasets according to data type and not according to site --- ## Data responsibility & full open access basis - DMP linked to legal statements in the Grant Agreement and the OpenDreamKit Consortium Agreement - Basis: all the work done within OpenDreamKit is public and available in open access --- ## Datasets - Most datasests concern addition to open software codebase - Some datasets are lacking: Singular data information etc -> an improvement to bring for V2 - Skeleton of datasets: - Data storage and security - Dissemination - Preservation and future access - Partners involved - Other info: nature of data, licence (when relevant), data standard, usage for further experiments, link to data (storage) --- ## Openaccess - Publication - [Publishers' policies](www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/): accept only six months embargo => all data linked to publication sent to Coordinator once peer-reviewed publication is given open access - Publication data published on http://zenodo.org/ - Publication published on an openaccess platform - Linkage between openaccess platform and Zenodo on OpenAire --- ## Next step - Define what DATA is for OpenDreamKit? - Data storage/access/security policies per partner and/or dataset - Gather lacking information on datasets - Advice??