# Progress report for Jacobs University M.Kohlhase --- ## Role in the OpenDreamKit Project * Responsible for WP6: "Data/Knowledge/Software-Bases" (46 PM) * Our Interpretation Integrating D/K/S for system integration (towards VRE) * Participating in WP4: "User Interfaces" (12PM) * Our interpretation: math documents as Knowledge-Based UI for Math Systems * KWARC much better integrated in ODK than anticipated (foundational interests) --- ## Financial and administrative setup - everything OK --- ## Hiring hired a research software engineer (Dr. Christian Maeder) for 6 months and two Ph.D. students (Xu He and Tom Wiesing) on 1/4 contracts. --- ## Achievements * St. Andrews Workshop on WP6 with 15 participants (from JacU, ParisSud, Versailles, Warwick, UZH, StAndrews) * Developed Math-in-the-Middle (MitM) paradigm for integrating open-source components into a VRE * Implementing the basic setup for the MitM paradigm of intetration for St. Andrews. * Working on MathHub.info portal and the underlying MMT-based build system. * good progress on parsing OEIS data set. * ODK/MitM paper at [CICM](http://cicm-conference.org/2016) * OEIS paper at [ICMS](http://icms2016.zib.de/) * First (baby) steps towards a computational foundation. --- ## Deliverables * D4.2 Active/Structured Documents Requirements and existing Solutions * D6.1 Full-text Search (Formulae + Keywords) over LaTeX-based Documents (e.g. the arXiv subset) --- ## Main upcoming tasks and deliverables * D4.3 (Due: September 2016) Distributed, Collaborative, Versioned Editing of Active Documents in MathHub.info * D6.2 (Due: September 2016) Initial DKS base Design (including base survey and Requirements Workshop Report) * D6.3 (Due: December 2016) Design of Triform (DKS) Theories (Specification/RNC Schema/Examples) and Implementation of Triform Theories in the MMT API * D4.8 (Due: April 2017 ) In-place computation in active documents (context/computation) --- ## Possibly Relevant Events * 25-19 July 2016 [CICM Conference](http://cicm-conference.org/2016) (Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics). * relevant Tracks: CALCULEMUS & MKM * 11-14 July 2016 [ICMS Conference](http://icms2016.zib.de/) (International Conference on Mathematical Software) * Track on WDML and Math Software/Data/Knoweldge Information Systems.