# Progress report for Jacobs University M.Kohlhase Reporting period from Sept. 2015 to February 2017 --- ## Role in the OpenDreamKit Project * Responsible for WP6: "Data/Knowledge/Software-Bases" (46 PM) * Our Interpretation Integrating D/K/S for system integration (towards VRE) * Participating in WP4: "User Interfaces" (12PM) * Our interpretation: math documents as Knowledge-Based UI for Math Systems * KWARC much better integrated in ODK than anticipated (foundational interests) --- ## Financial and administrative setup - everything OK - Michael Kohlhase started a new professorship at [FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg](http://fau.de) on September 1. 2016; he remains an adjunct professor at Jacobs University until August 31. 2017. - Florian Rabe will substitute for Michael Feb-May 2017. - Michael proposes to add FAU to the ODK consortium and to move (the remaining) 46 PM from JacU to FAU. An amendment to the grant agreement has been prepared, and should be approved in this meeting. --- ## Hiring - a research software engineer (Dr. Christian Maeder) for 6 months - two Ph.D. students (Xu He (until summer 2016) and Tom Wiesing) on 1/4 contracts. - We will hire new junior researchers once the project move to FAU has been settled. --- ## Achievements * St. Andrews Workshop on WP6 with 15 participants (from JacU, ParisSud, Versailles, Warwick, UZH, StAndrews) * Developed Math-in-the-Middle (MitM) paradigm for integrating open-source components into a VRE * Implementing the basic setup for the MitM paradigm of intetration for St. Andrews. * Working on MathHub.info portal and the underlying MMT-based build system. * ODK/MitM paper at [CICM](http://cicm-conference.org/2016) --- * parsed the OEIS data set, converted it to OMDoc/MMT, established an [OEIS Search Enging](oeissearch.mathweb.org), and found ~3*10^5 connections between sequences based on parsed generating function formulae. * OEIS paper at [ICMS](http://icms2016.zib.de/) * First (baby) steps towards a computational foundation, but deemed that to be non-essential to ODK. --- ## Deliverables * D4.2 Active/Structured Documents Requirements and existing Solutions * D6.1 Full-text Search (Formulae + Keywords) over LaTeX-based Documents (e.g. the arXiv subset) * D6.2 Initial DKS base Design (including base survey and Requirements Workshop Report) * D6.3 Design of Triform (DKS) Theories (Specification/RNC Schema/Examples) and Implementation of Triform Theories in the MMT API --- ## Main upcoming tasks and deliverables * D4.3 (Due: September 2016, postponed to Feb. 2017) [Distributed, Collaborative, Versioned Editing of Active Documents in MathHub.info](OpenDreamKit:tree/master/WP4/D4.3) * D4.8 (Due: February 2017) [In-place computation in active documents (context/computation)](OpenDreamKit:tree/master/WP4/D4.8) * D6.4 (Due: August 2017 ) [Conversion of existing and new Databases ( LMFDB , OEIS, FindStat ) to unified interoperable System)](OpenDreamKit:tree/master/WP6/D6.4) * D4.11 (Due: August 2017) Notebook Import into MathHub.info (interactive display) --- ## Proposed Deliverable Title Changes We changed our priority in WP6 from algorithm verification to system interoperability and distributed computing in the ``Math-in-the-Middle'' Paradigm * D6.5 (Due: 24) *Generating GAP/ SAGE Interface Theories in OMDoc/MMT for System Interoperation* (Was: *PYTHON/ SAGE Computational Foundation Module in OMDoc/MMT*) * D6.7 (Due: 36) *GAP/ SAGE Interface Views OMDoc/MMT* (Was *PYTHON/ SAGE Declarative Semantics in OMDoc/MMT*) * D6.8 (Due: 36) *Curated Math-in-the-Middle Ontology covering exemplary parts of LMFDB, OEIS, FINDSTAT, GAP, SAGE knowledge bases.* (Was *LMFDB Algorithm Verification with respect to a Triformal Theory*) --- ## Possibly Relevant Events * 17-21 July 2016 [CICM Conference](http://cicm-conference.org/2017) (Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics). * relevant Tracks: CALCULEMUS & MKM