# Progress report for University of Warwick John Cremona Reporting period from Sept. 2015 to February 2017 --- ## Financial and administrative setup - Administration all going smoothly - John Cremona is currently the only participant at Warwick --- ## Activities 1/2 - John Cremona was on study leave from mid-September to mid-December 2015, spending much of that time working on LMFDB matters relevant to WP6. - Work on LMFDB (funded externally by EPSRC and ICERM) has included better documentation of the database contents (constituent databases and collections, definition of data fields and types) towards Task 6.8 (LMFDB Case Study), part of WP6. --- ## Activities 2/2 - Contribution to Task 6.1 (Survey of existing DKS bases, Formulation of requirements). - Contribution to draft Data Management Plan. - Attending St Andrews workshop, working with Michael Kohlhase and his research group and Paul-Olivier Dehaye on using MMT to provide a new way to access / view LMFDB data, starting with elliptic curves over Q, following on from work done by Michael together with Paul-Olivier Dehaye (Zurich). --- ##Hiring - The 24-month post of Research Software Engineer (as in the proposal) was advertised in December 2016 with a closing date of 26 January 2017\. Cooperation with Warwick's Centre for Scientific Computing enabled the post to be advertised as permanent and at a higher level than in the proposal; this is good, but caused a delay of several months. - Once appointed the RSE will work approximately 0.8FTE for ODK for the remaining 30 months, until 31 August 2019.