Progress report for Logilab

Progress report for Logilab

Olivier Cayrol

Reporting period from March 2017 to January 2018

Finance and administration



Publication of a new version of the Pythran library that allows to compile Python code into HPC-optimized high performance code. See

Publication of a new version of the SciViJS library for post-processing and visualizing 3D datasets with a full javascript library that can be used inside or outside Jupyter notebooks. This version can use post-processing plugins written in javascript or in C++ compiled with WebAssembly. See

New version of virtual research environment that allows users to prepare customized virtual machines embedding a set of softwares and to deploy “tools” that can be described as micro web applications that require very little development skills to set up, but make it easy to make available complex simulations to users.

Packaging of SageMath 8.2 in Conda

Work in progress

Study of the impact of the use of the Pythran compiler inside SageMath and SciPy where computational algorithms might benefit from a HPC-optimized code.

Integration of Pythran into Cython in order to use Pythran optimized code for some computational operations (NumPy or standard library).

Library for exporting code samples from Sphinx documents into a set of Jupyter notebooks and for integrating back the code outputs computed by Jupyter into the Sphinx documents.

Packaging of Sage and related libraries in Conda and Debian, trying to set up a continuous integration process.

Workshops and dissemination activities

Participation to ODK’s Workshop on live structured documents October 16-20 of 2017, Oslo