ODK post-review project meeting, Wed 2018-10-31

ODK post-review project meeting ===

The pads for each day of this 4-day meeting are linked to from: https://opendreamkit.org/meetings/2018-10-28-Luxembourg/

09:51 we’re starting the meeting.

Location: Hotel Ibis Aéroport de Luxembourg, Salon Clausen (ground floor, just next to the hotel’s restaurant)

More debriefing

Project review / deliverable meeting

Yesterday we had a brief debriefing between 17:00 and 18:00.

Having a presentation for each work package was nice.

Spending more than two days rehearsing would not be reasonable.

One suggestion for the next project review is to do the rehearsals + cross review of the deliverables a couple of weeks before the review, to give more time to make changes.

Suggestion: Report and demo writing retreat: meet to write deliverable reports and demos; review reports written by others. Next year, reports will be due 31 Aug 2019. Getting together late August in Cernay might work.

The demos were terribly ad hoc this time. Could we arrange an “OpenDreamKit fair” the afternoon before the review to which we invite a number of people and actually show off.

People to invite to the OpenDreamKit fair:

We could tell people now that the date will be end of October 2019.

Show very good posters, very good demos. All that needs rehearsals

Demos require appropriate space and hardware, screens, projectors, etc.

Actions for Nicolas:

How many people?

OpenDreamKit’s collated work book

Moved to https://hackmd.io/5hTOLuyKTBqSx4jcT5Pyvw

Future funding

About the Brexit:

Scheduling collaboration


Coding sprints