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Community Building, Training, Dissemination, Exploitation, and Outreach

WorkPackage Report - Viviane Pons
2nd reporting period
## Our role This workpackage is the **link** between the work we do at OpenDreamKit and the **scientific communities**. -- ## Our role - **Community building**: Organizing workshops and conferences to reinforce our communities - **Training**: Widespread our shared technical knowledge especially concerning new OpenDreamKit development - **Dissemination and outreach**: communicate about our achievments, foster larger communities - **Exploitation**: make effective use of OpenDreamKit development in science and research --- ## Online communication (T2.1) How to communicate about our achievements? --- ### A new website ![](../WP2-website.png) -- The website design is the result of a collaboration between **3 master students in "Web culture and careers"** and the OpenDreamKit team. -- * 6475 visits in 2018 ![](../WP2-visits.png) -- From all over the world ![](../WP2-site-geo.png) --- ### An active twitter feed ![](../WP2-twitter.png) -- Many OpenDreamKit people are already active twitter users. ![](../WP2-twitter-people.png) -- 27 new followers for October (usually, around 10) ![](../WP2-oct-tweet.png) --- ### Trying to do more... New YouTube channel: * posted 6 interview videos * preparing an explainer video ![](../WP2-youtube.png) --- ## Delivering tools for dissemination -- ## Planetaryum (T2.10, D2.7) Allows easy creation of *Jupyter Notebooks galleries* ![](../WP2-planetaryum.png) -- ## Interactive book (T2.9 D2.8) ![](../WP2-book.png) [demo]( --- ## OpenDreamKit and Teaching (T2.6) * Around **1200 students** every year, (both undergrads and master students) and **300** engineers and researchers * **Many subject**s: Computer algebra, calculus, combinatorics, algorithmic, programming, physics, biomedical sciences * **Many tools**: Jupyter, Jupyter-Hub, Jupyter-Lab, SageMath, CoCalc --- ## Workshops, Training, Dissemination (T2.2, T2.3, T2.5, D2.11) Over the last two years OpenDreamKit has been involved in more than 50 events * 13 development workshops * 22 training workshops or sessions * 9 community building workshops * 6 research workshops --- ### Training **22 different events** adding to more than **700 trainees**. ![](../WP2-training.jpg) ![](../WP2-training2.jpg) ![](../WP2-training3.jpg) -- ### Training * 5 JOOMMF sessions at different conferences * 4 organised by the Sheffield / Leeds team * Specific training on GAP and PARI/GP * MathExp, Saint-Flour, France, May 2018 * 5 Sage Days -- ### Software Carpentry * 6 certified instructors: Tania Allard, Olexandr Konovalov, Samuel Lelière, Erik Bray, Michael Torpey, Mike Croucher * 2 instructor trainers: Tania Allard, Olexandr Konovalov * workshop organisation * GAP and SageMath contributed lessons --- ### Diversity ![](../WP2-diversity.jpg) -- **Women in Sage** * Organised by OpenDreamKit in Paris January 2017 * Another event (independent of ODK) in Montreal in June 2018 * Next ODK one: Spring/Summer 2019 in Crete -- **Women in computing** * Developed training materials and provided training for over 130 women in the last 12 months at Sheffield and Manchester in partnership with [CodeFirstGirls]( * Tania Allard participated in the [Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Computing]( unconference by direct invite of [NumFOCUS]( * Tania Allard was diversity chair for the 2017 International Research Software Engineering conference. -- **Work in developing countries** Events in Algeria, Morocco, Rwanda, Mexico and Colombia ![](../WP2-Colombia.jpg) --- ## Impact: The Research Software Engineers community ![](../rse_slide1.png) -- [Software Sustainability Institute]( 2012 study found ![](../rse_slide2.png) -- As a consequence * Difficult to progress career in Academia * No promotion * Not enough research -- not enough IT/Computing **The SSI came up with "Research Software Engineers" (RSE) and campaigned for this group** -- More details: Simon Hettrick's presentation ![](../rse_slide3.png) -- 2015: Sheffield among the first to have a *Research Software Engineering Group* in UK ![](../rse_slide4.png) -- ODK at the **2nd international RSE conference**: *Using Jupyter notebooks for reproducible research* ![](../rse_slide5.jpg) -- **Now** ![](../rse_slide6.png) --- ## Conclusion * **We have worked on our online communication** * new website * 6475 visits in 2018 * 452 followers on Twitter * Video interviews and explainer material * **We have been part of 50 events** * 22 training to 700 trainees * focus on Diversity * **We have had a tremendous impact on the UK RSE community**