OpenDreamKit: Open
Digital Research Environment Toolkit
for the Advancement of Mathematics

OpenDreamKit is a Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructure project (#676541) that will run for four years, starting from September 2015. It will provide substantial funding to the open source computational mathematics ecosystem, and in particular popular tools such as LinBox, MPIR, SageMath, GAP, Pari/GP, LMFDB, Singular, MathHub, and the IPython/Jupyter interactive computing environment.

From this ecosystem, OpenDreamKit will deliver a flexible toolkit enabling research groups to set up Virtual Research Environments, customised to meet the varied needs of research projects in pure mathematics and applications, and supporting the full research life-cycle from exploration, through proof and publication, to archival and sharing of data and code.

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28 Jun 2016
Full time position, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
28 Jun 2016
Full-time developer position opening at Université de Bordeaux for Fall 2016 or Fall 2017
27 Jun 2016
Project meetings, review and workshop in Jacobsuni (Bremen)
02 May 2016
Full-time developer position at TU Kaiserslautern for six months beginning August 2016
11 Feb 2016
European Commission consultation on “mathematics in H2020”
26 Jan 2016
St. Andrews Workshop explored “Math-in-the-Middle” Paradigm for Integration
07 Jan 2016
Full-time two year Postdoctoral Fellow position at Simula Research Laboratory in Norway beginning early 2016
08 Dec 2015
Knowledge representation in mathematical software and databases, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, 25th-27th January, 2016
02 Sep 2015
Kickoff meeting, Orsay, Université Paris Sud, September 2nd-5th of 2015
01 Jul 2015
Full-time developer position at TU Kaiserslautern for 1 year beginning March 2016
01 Jul 2015
Full-time mathematical researcher and developer position at TU Kaiserslautern for up to four years beginning November 2015
29 May 2015
Full-time developer position opening at Université de Bordeaux for Fall 2015
22 May 2015
Full-time developer position opening at Université Paris-Sud for Fall 2015 (filled)
15 May 2015
Proposal accepted
31 Jan 2015
On open collaborative proposal writing
15 Jan 2015
Proposal submitted

The project was labelled by the Free and Open Source Software Work Group of the Systematic Cluster.

We acknowledge financial support from the OpenDreamKit Horizon 2020 European Research Infrastructures project (#676541).

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