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Jupyter Notebooks Facilitating Productivity, Sustainability, and Accessibility of Data Science

Task based parallelization of recursive linear algebra routines using Kaapi

A case study of computational science in Jupyter notebooks: JOOMMF

OpenDreamKit Virtual Research Environment

OOMMF Python interface presentation

OpenDreamKit: Cloud needs and uses

nbdime - Notebook diffing and merging

Infrastructure for generic code in SageMath: categories, axioms, constructions

Diffing and Merging Jupyter Notebooks with nbdime

Interoperability in the OpenDreamKit Project: The Math-in-the-Middle Approach

OOMMF Python interface and Jupyter integration

HPC en combinatoire, application du vol de tâches

Retour d'expérience: licences pour les logiciels de maths pures

OpenDreamKit: bref retour d'expérience sur la soumission d'un projet H2020