Progress report for CNRS

# Progress report for CNRS Vincent Delecroix Reporting period from March 2017 to January 2018 --- ## Finance and administration * engineer Vincent Klein is now working for a year --- ## Hiring none --- ## Achievements * (T5.3) working on cleaner linbox integration in Sage, see [Sage trac ticket 22872]( * (not directly in the Proposal) finalization of upstream work on [gmpy2]( and Python standalone interface to [pplpy]( (see [Sage trac ticket 23042]( for Sage integration) -- ## Work in progress * active collaboration between PARI/GP (Bill Allombert, Vincent Delecroix) and GAP (Markus Pfeiffer) for Galois group computations --- ## Workshops and dissemination activities * PARI/GP atelier workshop in January 2018 ([website]( * (to come) [spring scool]( in St Flour (France) in May 2018 * (to come) [Sage days 93]( in Olot in Februar 2018