PyConFr Pau (France), 2015-10-17 to 2015-10-18

Main goals

PyConFr is the main gathering of the python community in France. It is a good place to meet the French open source Python community and to talk and learn about projects.

OpenDreamKit implication

Viviane Pons was present at the meeting and she gave a talk on her teaching experience using SageMathCloud \cite{15PonsSMC} (peer-reviewed submission). She was also part of a panel on diversity.

Results and impact

This event was an occasion to introduce OpenDreamKit to the larger python community in France as well as to keep active the link between Sage development and other Python open source projects. It is always a great occasion to discuss subjects such as user interfaces, cloud servers, best practices, communities, etc. The diversity panel in particular was a great success bringing together most of participants of the event. As this is a great concern for OpenDreamKit, we were happy to be part of it.

Workshops and Conferences