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Expérimentation mathématique et combinatoire avec Sage

Presentation of OpenDreamKit

Introduction to SageMath

Jupyter Notebooks Facilitating Productivity, Sustainability, and Accessibility of Data Science

Task based parallelization of recursive linear algebra routines using Kaapi

A case study of computational science in Jupyter notebooks: JOOMMF

OpenDreamKit Virtual Research Environment

OOMMF Python interface presentation

OpenDreamKit: Cloud needs and uses

nbdime - Notebook diffing and merging

Infrastructure for generic code in SageMath: categories, axioms, constructions

Diffing and Merging Jupyter Notebooks with nbdime

Interoperability in the OpenDreamKit Project: The Math-in-the-Middle Approach

OOMMF Python interface and Jupyter integration

HPC en combinatoire, application du vol de tâches

Retour d'expérience: licences pour les logiciels de maths pures

OpenDreamKit: bref retour d'expérience sur la soumission d'un projet H2020