Sage Days 70 Berkeley (US California), 2015-11-08 to 2015-11-14

Main goals

Gather developers from Sage, SageMathCloud and Jupyter together to learn the inner machineries of the different projects and code together towards common goals.

OpenDreamKit implication

This event was coorganized by OpenDreamKit which cofunded the participation of two OpenDreamKit members and another European associate.

Event summary

The event featured many interesting talks on the inner mechanics of both SageMathCloud and Jupyter, in particular:

Lots of time was devoted to projects and code such as: installing a development version of SageMathCloud, following tutorials on SageMathCloud development, working toward the integration of the Jupyter notebook in Sage.

Furthermore a Jupyter interface for HPC-GAP was developed, and the Jupyter interface for GAP was improved. A talk The current status of (HPC-)GAP was contributed.

Results and impact

This workshop was essential to some OpenDreamKit planned tasks. This was especially related to WP3 and WP4. Here are some tasks that were started during the Sage Days:

The knowledge we gathered during presentations was relevant to all tasks including notebook interfaces and cloud systems.

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