Atelier PARI/GP 2016 Grenoble (FR), 2016-01-11 to 2016-01-25

Main goals

The PARI/GP Ateliers were established in 2012 as a yearly meeting between developers and users of the PARI/GP system.

The main goals are advertising new features and improvements, discussing further developments, sharing best practices, and collaborative code writing (hacking sessions, doc reviews, bug-squashing parties).

You can find the list of previous PARI Ateliers at

OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit participants: B. Allombert, K. Belabas, J. Demeyer, J.-P. Flori, L. de Feo, as well as Aurel Page from the Warwick group (LMFDB).

OpenDreamKit provided the main funding source for the workshop (accommodation, subsistence and travel expenses), for about 15k Euro. ERC Starting Grant ANTICS, and the LabEx PERSYVAL-Lab co-funded the event.

Event summary

The 6th Atelier PARI/GP took place in Grenoble (France) from january 11th to 15th.

There were 36 registered participants from 16 different institutions (no registration fees).

A typical day of the workshop had introductory talks and tutorials in the morning; afternoons allowed ample time for hacking sessions, discussions and training.

The Atelier featured 10 morning talks on

Slides and videos for all talks are available at

Results and impact

The workshop was very productive and was particularly beneficial to WP4 (user interfaces) and WP5 (high-performance computing):

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