13th Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) - Intermag Conference San Diego (CA, USA), 2016-01-11 to 2016-01-15

## Main goals

The main goals of presenting the project at this important international Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and Intermag conference was to introduce the Micromagnetic Virtual Reasearch Environment (VRE) to our target user audience - the micromagnetic scientific community.

OpenDreamKit implication

The OpenDreamKit project has sent the speaker (Hans Fangohr), and paid expenses for the trip.

Event summary

Hans Fangohr submitted a talk \cite{16FangohrOOMMF} that was peer reviewed and accepted for presentation. In the talk, he outlined the vision for the project and invited feedback from the community.

The OpenDreamKit project for computational micromagnetics was discussed with various attendees informally throughout the conference.

In addition, we organised a meeting with the main developers of the OOMMF micromagnetic simulation code, Dr M. Donahue and Dr D. Porter, in order to discuss the project’s vision, our plans for interfaces to get early feedback.

Results and impact

We announced the project and its website to the community and encouraged input to extend our vision, to make sure the tool we develop can be as practical and efficient for as large parts of the community as possible.

Workshops and Conferences