Conference Combinatoire, Algèbre et Théorie des Nombres Monastir, Tunisia -- 24-28 Mars 2016

Main goals

CTAN 2016 was a mathematical conference that took place in Tunisia. The first goal of OpenDreamKit was to make an initiation on SageMath. The second goal was to create a Sage developer team in Tunisia.

OpenDreamKit implication

A. Boussicault was sent by OpenDreamKit to deliver training sessions on SageMath. OpenDreamKit paid the travel and accommodation of A. Boussicault.

Event summary

The event wasone-week long, with a 2-hour long intervention per day. Trainings were given on participants’ computers. We worked with Sage by using a Debian live USB stick.

A Linux installfest on participants’ laptops took place every evening. The evening sessions were beginning at 20:30 and ended at midnight.

The session was conducted by A. Boussicault (University of Bordeaux) and Imad Eddine Bousbaa (University of USTHB of Algeria), who was met during a previous conference in Algeria (\ref{event-2015DIMACOS}). The purpose was to present and make mathematical calculus with Sage. We also gave classes on Python and on Combinatorics.

During that event, we discussed with CTAN organizers and some researchers to organize some important mathematical events in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon. Many researchers were present in the discussion. For example, there were Professor H. Belbachir (University USTHB in Alger), Professor I. Boudabbous (University of Sfax in Tunisia) Professor O. Khadir (University Hassan II of Casablanca), Professor M. Pouzet (University of Lyon1), professor H. Kheddouci, (University of Lyon1). We decided to organize, in the next year, an event with the mathematical conference CTAN followed by mathematical schools and some Sage Days. In the school, we could give some Sage classes and we could implement ideas and mathematical tools during the Sage Days.


30 participants. CTAN being an international conference, participants came from Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.

Results and impact

The will to organize an event with a mathematical conference followed by mathematical schools, and Sage Days in Morocco or in Algeria.

We made some Tunisian contacts to create a developer team in University of Sfax.

Workshops and Conferences