Sage Days 77: packaging, portability, documentation tools Cernay (France) 2016-04-04 to 2016-04-04

## Main goals

This developer meeting was focused on initiating long term work on OpenDreamKit tasks related to packaging, portability and documentation tools for SageMath.

## OpenDreamKit implication

This event was organized and funded by OpenDreamKit (Paris Sud).

## Event summary

An intensive week with some short informal presentations, and many brainstorms and coding sprints.

## Demographic

9 OpenDreamKit participants from three sites together with half a dozen other Sage, Sphinx, Guix, Gentoo, and Debian experts.

## Results and impact

Proper packaging and distribution has been a recurrent issue for SageMath, and is a major task for OpenDreamKit (\longtaskref{component-architecture}{mod-packaging}). Major brainstorms occurred during the week to clarify the needs, isolate the core difficulties, and explore potential approaches to tackle them. The outcome was posted on the Sage Wiki, to be shared and further edited by the community. This fostered tighter collaboration between the packaging efforts for various Linux distribution, and triggered major progress on the Debian packaging side.

Similar brainstorms and coding sprints occurred around tasks \longtaskref{component-architecture}{portability}, \longtaskref{UI}{sage-sphinx}, \longtaskref{UI}{structdocs}

Altogether 20 Sage tickets were actively worked on during the week.

Workshops and Conferences