Sage Days 73 Oaxaca, Mexico, 04 - 07 May 2016

Main goals

This Sage workshop was a satellite of the conference Flat Surfaces and Dynamics of Moduli Space that happened in Oaxaca May 08-13. The aim was to introduce participants to SageMath and share code and knowledge.

On the first day, we also had two participants from the University of Oaxaca.

OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit, via its Bordeaux node, supported the expenses of participants. Vincent Delecroix made introductory and advanced talks about SageMath and Python.

Event summary

The first day was dedicated to a SageMath introduction. Each day in the afternoon, we had a demonstration from a participant. The rest of the time was dedicated to programming.


11 persons took part in these Sage Days: 2 females and 9 males, originating from the following countries: Mexico (3), Canada (3), France (3), USA (2)

Results and impact

Workshops and Conferences