International Workshop on Software Engineering for Science Austin (TX, USA), 2016-05-16

## Main goals

Spread recommendations to support better science in the area of software engineering for computational research.

## OpenDreamKit implication

The work presented has been created with the upcoming Jupyter OOMMF integration in mind, and is of wider interest to the OpenDreamKit partners and users. The conference attendance was paid from a different grant.

## Event summary

Hans Fangohr delivered a talk on Software Engineering for Computational Science, in particular reviewing technical and social aspects of a computational science code that was developed about 10 years ago. The presentation, and associated publication \cite{16FangohrSE4Science} extracted lessons learned from the past and with the aim to enable the community to identify potential mistakes sooner. The presentation and work provides recommendations to enable better science in the field of computational science and engineering; in particular focusing on software engineering for computational science and research codes.

The talk was the keynote presentation of the morning session in the workshop on Software Engineering for Science (30 minutes).

## Demographic

About 15 people were present, 3 female.

## Results and impact

We reported evidence from the effectiveness of particular sofware engineering techniques and provided recommendations for future projects (including user interface, testing, version control, documentation, installation).

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