WP6 Workshop (Bremen) Bremen, Germany, 2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03

Main goals

Work meeting to understand the type systems of GAP and Sage, and to develop a first interface between MMT, GAPs!, and Sage.

OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit through Jacobs Uni Bremen was the main organizer of this event to work on WP6. PS participated remotely.

Event summary

The event featured a talk about the GAP type system, and many discussions between the researchers in Bremen and Markus Pfeiffer. We developed a substantial piece of software to enable GAP to interface with MMT. Meanwhile PS, with the support of SA and JU, made further progress on \delivref{component-architecture}{semantic-interface-sage-gap} and on the export of the math knowledge embedded in Sage.

Results and impact

This workshop was essential to OpenDreamKit WP6, in particular for \longtaskref{dksbases}{data-design} and \delivref{dksbases}{design}.

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