5th Encuentro Colombiano de Combinatoria Medellin (Colombia), 2016-06-13 to 2016-06-24

Main goals

ECCO is a combinatorics summer school organized every other year in Colombia. It welcomes students from all over the world of all levels: from undergraduates to postdocs. It is known to be a very interesting event and to have a great impact for combinatorics in Colombia and South America in general. The Sage community in combinatorics being very active, it was a great occasion to introduce Sage to a new generation of researchers.

OpenDreamKit implication

Viviane Pons was sent by OpenDreamKit to give two Sage interventions during the school.

Event summary

Each intervention was 2 hours long with around 50 participants each time. Most participants were using the university computers. 50 USB sticks were bought previous to the conference and set up with bootable Linux and sage, allowing for a very quick setup during the two sessions without relying on on-line options. The students worked on some introduction tutorials and also specifically made tutorials in relation with the on-going classes.


66 participants came from South and Central America, 34 from North America and 30 from Europe.

Results and impact

\begin{figure}[ht] \caption*{Participants of ECCO at the Sage sessions} \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{pictures/ECCO-1.jpg}

\includegraphics[scale=0.5]{pictures/ECCO-2.jpg} \end{figure}

Workshops and Conferences