OpenDreamKit annual meeting Bremen (Germany) 2016-06-27 to 2016-07-01

## Main goals

Annual project meeting, interim review and workshops

## OpenDreamKit implication

JacobsUni (Bremen) hosted this event which was coorganized by Paris Sud and fully funded by OpenDreamKit.

## Event summary

The beginning of the week was dedicated to OpenDreamKit’s open and internal meetings, including an interim review with our Project Officer and three EU Commission reviewers. The rest of the week was dedicated to joint work sessions on WP4 (User Interfaces) and WP6 (Data/Knowledge/Software bases, aka Math-in-the-middle) activities.

## Demographic

21 OpenDreamKit participants together with OpenDreamKit’s project officer and three reviewers from the EU Commission.

## Results and impact

This meeting was the occasion to build a common overview of what was achieved during the first ten months, and plan together work on the upcoming tasks and deliverables. The project review was enormously helpful to get early feedback and start preparing for the upcoming review at Month 18 (March 2017).

Workshops and Conferences