Sage Days 78: Combinatorics Vancouver (Canada), 2016-06-29 to 2016-07-01

Main goals

The event was organized as a satellite event of the yearly international conference in algebraic combinatorics FPSAC. The objective was to gather the combinatorics community around Sage development, to introduce Sage to newcomers (especially graduate students) and to bring new Sage contributions.

OpenDreamKit implication

the event was co-organized by OpenDreamKit (through Viviane Pons) and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Science where it was hosted. The event costed around 4000 CAD (2000 CAD from OpenDreamKit). A short presentation about OpenDreamKit was made during the conference to present the project to the participants.

Event summary

We started the event by some introduction presentations and tutorials so that the participants would familiarize themselves with Sage. Then the time was shared between lectures and coding sprints. Here are some highlights:

(York Univ.) gave a lecture on Open Problems in Combinatorial Representation Theory.

(Univ. of Minnesota) and ## Jessica Strike

(North Dakota State Univ.) gave respectively a tutorial and a lecture on Research-based coding for Sage.

gave a presentation of the extensive package on Knot Theory that he developed during a Google Summer of code project.

The full program can be found on the href{}{website}. We planned lots of time for participants to work on development projects such as: Plane partitions, plotting functions for combinatorics objects, Lie algebras, Rook placements, …


The participants were required to fill out a demographic survey. We had 29 participants (24 males and 5 females), 27 identified as academics: 7 professors, 6 postdoc, 11 graduate students, and 3 undergrads. 19 participants were from North America (10 from Canada and 9 from the US), 8 were from Europe (France, Austria, and Switzerland), and 3 from Asia (South Korea and India).

Results and impact

\begin{tabular}{cc} Participants of Sage Days 78 making Sage demo

Workshops and Conferences