Sage Days 75: Coding theory Cernay la Ville (France), 2016-08-22 to 2016-08-26

Main goals

The event was organized primarily by the Inria project Actis, to celebrate the termination of its two year lifetime period. The purpose of the project was a major redesign and implementation of the coding theory features of SageMath. Hence the workshop gathered researchers from coding theory, and related topics, including cryptography, group theory, combinatorics, and linear algebra. The goal was to expose the results of the project to the community ensure its proper integration into the main frame of the software, and initiate new projects, so that its development would carry over with, after the end of the Actis engineer position

OpenDreamKit implication

the event was co-organized by OpenDreamKit (through Clément Pernet, UJF) and Inria’s Actis project. The event costed around 5000 Euro (including 300 Euro for OpenDreamKit). A short presentation about OpenDreamKit was made during the conference to present the project to the participants.

Event summary

We started the event by some introduction presentations and tutorials so that the participants would familiarize themselves with Sage. Then the time was shared between lectures and coding sprints.

The full program can be found on the website.

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