Jupyter-GAP now available as Docker image

Yesterday Alexander Konovalov and Markus Pfeiffer created a Docker image containing GAP, and an early version of the GAP-Jupyter interface for ease of access. It is available from DockerHub.

If you have Docker already installed on your system, it should be fairly easy to get yourself up and running with the following commands

# docker pull gapsystem/gap-docker-jupyter
# docker run -t -i -p 8888:8888 --net="host" gapsystem/gap-docker-jupyter
# firefox http://localhost:8888

The above commands will start a Docker container with Jupyter and a complete GAP installation ready to use. Here’s an example session:


Note that this is an early version, and the roadmap for the next release is already quite clearly laid out with many improvements. Contributions to GAP-Jupyter, and the GAP system itself are very welcome.

Please contact us through the appropriate trackers on GitHub.

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