Sage/GAP Days 85: packaging, portability, documentation tools Cernay (France) 2017-03-13 to 17

## Main goals

This developer meeting was focused on initiating long term work on OpenDreamKit tasks related to packaging, portability and documentation tools for GAP and SageMath.

## OpenDreamKit implication

This event was organized and funded by OpenDreamKit (Paris Sud).

## Event summary

An intensive week with many brainstorms and coding sprints.

## Demographic

9 OpenDreamKit members from five sites together with half a dozen other participants

## Results and impact

Proper packaging and distribution has been a recurrent issue for large computational software like Sage or GAP, and is a major task for OpenDreamKit (\longtaskref{component-architecture}{mod-packaging}). This workshop was a follow up to the highly successful Sage Days 77 organized in 2016 by OpenDreamKit where long term plans were designed. Here the workshop focused on accelerating the implementation of the plans, with highly productive collaborative coding sprints on topics such as GAP and Sage packaging (Conda, …), Sage portability (Windows) and documentation, GAP’s build system and release management, and how to best integrate GAP and Sage together via a shared library.

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