Eurocomb 2017 Vienna, Aug. 28 -- Sept. 1st, 2017

Main goals

Eurocomb for European Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications is one of the main international conferences on combinatorics. In 2017, it was organized in Vienna and gathered around 200 participants. This was a good occasion to present Sage and OpenDreamKit to the community. We organized a small presentation which was included to the conference planing. Around 20 participants attended.

OpenDreamKit implication

Viviane Pons from OpenDreamKit was present at the conference and funded by OpenDreamKit.

Event summary

We gave a small presentation to introduce Sage and OpenDreamKit to the participants. This included a demo on the CoCalc platform.


Participants did not register specifically to the Sage presentation, so we do not have any demographic information.

Results and impact

It is important that these short presentations happen regularly during main scientific events. Indeed, they keep the community up to date with current development. We received good feedback from the participants. It was an occasion for some of them to get introduced to Sage for the first time and to open source math software in general.

Workshops and Conferences