Netmath presentation Kaiserslautern, Oct. 20, 2017

Main goals

Presentation of Sage, Jupyter and OpenDreamKit to the Netmath community.

OpenDreamKit implication

Viviane from OpenDreamKit did the presentation and the travel cost was covered by OpenDreamKit.

Event summary

The Netmath community is an online network for university mathematic teaching, especially interested in sharing innovative methods and advice. This was their annual gathering and they invited us to present the project and how it can be used for teaching.

Results and impact

Some OpenDreamKit tools such as Sage and Jupyter can be very useful for teaching. Many OpenDreamKit partners have worked into this direction and directly used some features developed by OpenDreamKit and others for their teaching. This was an occasion to share our knowledge and expertise with another community. We received very good feedback from the Netmath organizers.

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