Live Structured Documents Location and date

Main goals

To facilitate development of live structured documents, using Jupyter infrastructure, such as interactive documentation and publication.

OpenDreamKit implication

The workshop was hosted at OpenDreamKit site, Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. The only cost to OpenDreamKit was travel reimbursements to bring five participants to Oslo, Norway for three days.

Event summary

The event was a workshop gathering OpenDreamKit participants and others interested in interactive documents of various kinds. Participants discussed available technologies and goals, and worked together to build tools in this area, especially collaborating to integrate across projects with different stakeholders.

Results and impact

One of the main impacts of the workshop was the creation of a new package, thebelab, which builds on Jupyter technology to add interactive code execution to any webpage, with execution running on or a local Jupyter server (see \longdelivref{UI}{ipython-kernels}).. During the workshop, thebelab was put to use in documentation for Sage and tested with documentation for both Singular and GAP. Since then thebelab has been steadily gaining adoption by the community. This serves \WPref{UI} by adding the possibility of interactivity to documentation for projects in the OpenDreamKit community, and benefiting from kernels for GAP and other OpenDreamKit projects developed in \longtaskref{UI}{ipython-kernels}, showing the value of integrating OpenDreamKit systems into a shared Jupyter ecosystem.

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