Atelier PARI/GP 2018 Besan\c{c}on (FR), 2018-01-15 to 2018-01-19

OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit participants: B. Allombert, K. Belabas, V. Delecroix, J. Demeyer, J.-P. Flori, L. de Feo.

OpenDreamKit provided the main funding source for the workshop (accommodation, subsistence and travel expenses), for about 13k Euro. The Besan\c{c}on institute of mathematics co-funded the event.

Event summary

The 10th Atelier PARI/GP took place in Besan\c{c}on (France) from january 15h to 19th.

There were 38 registered participants from 19 different institutions (no registration fees).

A typical day of the workshop had introductory talks and tutorials in the morning; afternoons allowed ample time for hacking sessions, discussions and training.

The Atelier featured 8 morning talks on mathematical topics and implementation projects including 4 talks by OpenDreamKit members

Slides for all talks are available at

Results and impact

The workshop was very productive and particularly beneficial to WP5 (high-performance computing), it provided final feedback on recent PARI/GP modules and interfaces that paved the way for the release of pari-2.10-alpha (2018/05) and pari-2.11-stable (2018/07, the first major release since 2016).

It also was a successful dissemination event: 14 participants had not come to a previous Atelier.

Workshops and Conferences