Jupyter Widgets Workshop École Polytechnique, January 23-26

Main goals

Bringing together developers and power users of Jupyter Widgets.

OpenDreamKit implication

Some organizational support; funding of OpenDreamKit participants; $\approx$ 1k Euro.

Event summary

This was the first workshop specifically centered on Jupyter widgets. If featured tutorials on how to implement widgets, demonstrations of widget uses for 3D visualization and big data analysis, improvements of core widget functionalities for better integration, and implementation of new widgets. In addition the workshop was the occasion to advance other Jupyter related task in OpenDreamKit’s WorkPackage 4.

Results and impact

The intense cross-interactions between developers from academia, Jupyter-centric SMÉ’s, and big institutions (banks, US military) highlighted and further pushed the wide adoption of this technology and the building of a community around it.

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