Advances in Magnetism 2018 - Computational micromagnetics with JOOMMF tutorial La Thuile, Italy, 04-07 Fabruary 2018

Main goals

We gave a tutorial about computational micromagnetics and JOOMMF to all conference participants.

OpenDreamKit implication

JOOMMF was developed as a part of the OpenDreamKit project and one participant from the OpenDreamKit was present to deliver the tutorial (Marijan Beg). The tutorial was fully funded from the OpenDreamKit funds and the total costs were 1207.73 euros.

Event summary

This tutorial was in the official part of the conference programme available to all atendees. We had about 100 participants and we introduced to them the basics of computational micromagnetics as well as gave them an introduction to JOOMMF. At the end, we answered any specific question attendees had.


We had around 100 participants, but the organisers did not allow us to have their personal details due to the data protection.

Results and impact

We informed the community of potential users about the benefits of JOOMMF and provided to them enough information if they want to start using it.

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