JupyterHub and Binder coding sprint Université Paris Sud, March 7-8

## Main goals

This event was organized as a satellite of a Jupyter dissemination conference at École Polytechnique. It brought together developers of the Virtual Environments JupyterHub and BinderHub and DevOps working on deployments in Orsay and at EGI for a coding sprint. The goal was to improve those deployments, as a use case from which to learn and share procedures and best practices.

## OpenDreamKit implication

Organization and funding of OpenDreamKit participants; $\approx$ 1k Euro.

## Results and impact

Turnkey deployment instructions already existed for deploying JupyterHub and BinderHub on top of cloud infrastructure provided by e.g. Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. This workshop was a major step for the first deployment of a JupyterHub and BinderHub instance on top of an OpenStack cloud infrastructure. This is important as OpenStack is widely adopted in academia-run cloud infrastructures, yet raises some unique challenges due to its high customizability. Many notes were taken and shared. In addition a blog post summarized a brainstorm on the upcoming convergence between JupyterHub and BindherHub, toward providing versatile JupyterHub deployments that lets its user define, run, and share virtual environments equipped with an arbitrary software stack.


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