Project meeting in XFEL XFEL Hamburg, June 20 --22, 2018

Main goals

At the occasion of the project meeting, we also held a workshop on dissemination and a Jupyter workshop on 3d graphics.

OpenDreamKit implication

The event was hosted by XFEL and each participant was funded by OpenDreamKit through their institutions.

Event summary

The first part of the event was focused on dissemination and communication in OpenDreamKit. It was an occasion to expose what had been done in the previous years and start a reflexion on how to better promote it. We discussed the new website design and organization and we wrote some new content. We also had a professional interviewer on site who conducted interviews of the OpenDreamKit team to give an overview of the project goals, accomplishments, and philosophy. The second part of the event was dedicated to a Jupyter workshop on 3d graphics.


All participants were OpenDreamKit members.

Results and impact

This was a very useful consultation. The new website was released in the following weeks. The interviews are still being edited but should be live soon.

Workshops and Conferences