Project meeting at European XFEL GmbH

OpenDreamKit’s project meeting will take place at European XFEL GmbH in Schenefeld near Hamburg (Germany), from Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 June 2018. We expect about 15 participants at this event.

!! Note that during Wednesday all day as well as on Thursday morning, a professionnal videographer will be running 6 interviews (or more if relevant). Viviane Pons will directly contact the participants who are likely to be required to share their points of views and insights (on ODK as a project, Jupyter, dissemination activities…). The content will eventually be added on the next version of the website once the videographer is done editing.

The 3-day long meeting will be devoted to WP2 (dissemination) and WP1 (steering committee and preparation of deliverables), with a side-workshop about Jupyter activities

=> Open GitHub issue to decide upon the content of the three days


Wednesday (all in XTOB1.01)

10:30 Coffee for those already present

11:00 Session 1

12:30 lunch

14:00 Session 2

15:00 Session 3: Introduction to XFEL and visit to experimental hall Coffee

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Session 4

18:00 Close

Thursday (all in XTOB1.01)

09:00 XTOB1.01 Session 1

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Session 2

12:30 lunch

14:00 Session 3-a: Steering committee meeting and preparation/writing of deliverables due for end August 2018

16:15 Coffee

17:00 Session 3-b: Steering committee meeting (IF NEEDED)

18:00 Close, and walk to restaurant

18:30 Dinner at Peter’s Bistro)


Jupyter workshop on 3d graphics in XTOB1.01

09:00 Session 1 (XTOB1.01)

10:30 Coffee break (XTOB1.01)

11:00 Session 2 (XTOB1.01)

12:30 lunch (XTOB1.01)

14:00 Session 3 (XTOB1.01)

15:30 Coffee (XTOB1.01)

16:00 Closing (XTOB1.01)

Dissemination workshop in XHQ2.097

(Can also use the smaller room XHQ1.007 instead of XHQ2.097 if preferred.)

09:00 Session 1 (XHQ2.097)

10:30 Coffee break (XTOB1.01)

11:00 Session 2 (XHQ2.097)

12:30 lunch (XTOB1.01)

14:00 Session 3 (XHQ2.097)

15:30 Coffee (XTOB1.01)

16:00 Closing (XTOB1.01)

Booked rooms at European XFEL


Registration page

How to reach the European XFEL

For the details on how to reach the venue, please check here.


Participants need to book and pay themselves for the rooms.

You can book any hotel you want, but three probably the closest hotels to the venue are:

For further information about the possible hotels recommended by European XFEL, please check this pdf. Please note that prices in the document can be outdated.

Public transport

European XFEL is in Schenefeld, but it is very easy to reach it both from the Hamburg Airport, Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), and central Hamburg. To plan your local journey, you can visit HVV, enter your starting station and use “Schenefeld, Aneken” as your final stop.

Tickets can be bought at all S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations (cards and cash accepted) as well as from the bus driver (cash only, change given). In addition, you can also get a ticket using HVV-App, but you will need to create an account.


If you have any questions or requests regarding the meeting (accommodation, transport, food), please email either Marijan Beg (marijan.beg (at) or Hans Fangohr (hans.fangohr (at)

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