Modular Knowledge Oxford, 2018-07-13

Main goals

Expanding on the Tetrapod workshop at the conference on intelligent computer mathematics (CICM) 2016, this workshop brings together researchers from a diverse set of research areas in order to create a universal understanding of the challenges and solutions regarding highly structured knowledge bases. Of particular interest are foundational principles such as theory graphs and colimits, interchange languages and module systems, languages and tools for representing, reasoning, computing, managing, and documenting modular knowledge bases.

OpenDreamKit implication

This was co-organized by OpenDreamKit participants together with Jacques Carette, in order to connect with researchers in adjacent fields. Cost to OpenDreamKit was limited to travel cost.

Event summary

The event had 6 invited speakers, each of which introduced a specific topic. This consisted of a 15-minute presentation, which was followed by a 30-minute free discussion session.


Researchers in logic, mostly male, mostly senior.

Results and impact

No direct impact on OpenDreamKit tasks and deliverables but it informed \WPref{dksbases} in general.

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