Sage Days at Icerm ICERM Providence (United States), Jul. 23 -- 27, 2018

Main goals

These Sage Days were focused on Combinatorics and Representation Theory. They were planned one week after the annual gathering of the algebraic combinatorics community at FPSAC 2018 (Hanover, New Hampshire).

OpenDreamKit implication

The event was not organized nor funded by OpenDreamKit. Nevertheless, it featured two talks by OpenDreamKit members (Nicolas Thiéry and Viviane Pons) and OpenDreamKit paid the travel expenses of some of the French participants.

Event summary

The event featured many presentations focusing on the link between Sage development and research. It also allowed for some free coding time and discussions. Nicolas Thiéry and Viviane Pons both gave research presentations including some Sage demo. It was an occasion to promote the Sage docker and Jupyter live slides which is one of the use cases presented on OpenDreamKit website.


Over 18 planed presentations, 9 were given by women.

Results and impact

This event was a good occasion for OpenDreamKit to connect the recent developments to the actual community and research. Beside Sage development, many participants discovered docker during the event and showed lots of interest.

Workshops and Conferences