ICMS 2018 -- Session 14: Towards Composable Mathematical Software South Bend, Notre Dame, 25th July 2018

Main goals

The aim of this session is to provide a forum for developers and users of mathematical software with an interest in composablity and interoperability of, and knowledge and data exchange between systems, to share experiences, solutions, and a vision for the future.

OpenDreamKit implication

The OpenDreamKit participants Markus Pfeiffer, Nicolas Thiery, and Florian Rabe organised this session, and invited the speakers.

Travel costs for Markus Pfeiffer were covered by OpenDreamKit, as well as accommodation costs for Sebastian Gutsche.

Event summary

In a single session we saw talks by Sebastian Gutsche about integrating GAP and Julia, William Stein about the challenges with SageMath integrating a wealth of software, Michael Kohlhase about the Math-In-the-Middle approach advocated by OpenDreamKit and Tim Daly about proving the computer algebra system axiom sane.

The session was very well attended which points at the demand for this technology. The ratio of talk submissions to attendees also hints at the fact that not many people have the resources to address the challenges brought up by the session topic.

Results and impact

The session enabled a lively discussion about the challenges of interfacing mathematical software correctly and so achieved one of its goals.

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