AMRS 2018: Conference on Applied Mathematics and Random Structures Birzeit, Palestine, 27th-30th of August 2019

Main goals

AMRS is a conference intended to foster collaborations between Palestinian and French universities or research centres; to sustain the critical efforts of the mathematics community in Palestine to set up a doctoral school. AMRS provided an opportunity for dissemination of important and recent results in the field of Applied Mathematics and Statistics with Applications to Economy, Industry, and Science.

OpenDreamKit implication

OpenDreamKit was coorganizer for the conference and funded the travel costs for Sage developer Thierry Monteil to deliver a Sage tutorial.

Event summary

AMRS conference gathered 41 attendees around various fields of Applied mathematics: Statistics, Game Theory, Analytic Combinatorics, Probability, Differ-ential or Difference Equations, Matrices, Stochastic Optimal Control Problems, Partial Differential Equations, Binary Search Trees, Ideals on Skew Matrices. There were 13 talks given by 7 Palestinian professors, and 6 French); and 10 talks by students:

Results and impact

Thierry Monteil introduced the basic concepts of Sage and presented many examples based on graphs algorithms to 24 students: 19 from Birzeit– 3 from Al Quds– 1 from Polytechnic Palestine University Hebron (PPU)– 1 from Malaya. 19 of the 24 students were female.


Workshops and Conferences