GAP in Algebraic Research Summer School Aachen, Germany, 19th-22nd of November 2018

Main goals

The aim of this ``summer’’ school was to give an overview of different applications of GAP in mathematical research.

OpenDreamKit implication

Alexander Konovalov was one of the instructors. OpenDreamKit funded his participation to the event: \pounds 560.

Event summary

The speakers presented their areas of research, the functionality that is available in GAP to investigate these areas computationally, and guided participants through these tools during the accompanying hands-on programming lab sessions.

GAP in Algebraic Research Summer School, Aachen, Germany

Results and impact

Alexander Konovalov gave an introductory GAP Tutorial based on the Software Carpentry lesson ``Programming with GAP’’ (, demonstrated GAP Jupyter notebooks and parallel distributed calculations using the SCSCP package. The format of this part of the school’s programme followed the Software Carpentry teaching approaches. In particular, we collected the feedback on minute cards after each of the half-day sessions. Some quotes from the feedback written by the learners:

GAP in Algebraic Research Summer School, Aachen, Germany

Workshops and Conferences