JNCF 2019: Journées Nationales de Calcul Formel Luminy (FR), 2019-02-04 to 2019-02-08

Main goals

This is the yearly meeting of the French community in Computer Algebra, open to an international audience, with lectures and contributed talks given mostly in English.

OpenDreamKit implication

Luca De Feo co-organized the JNCF 2019. The organization of the workshop was coordinated with the organization of the ``Free Computational Mathematics’’ conference, taking place the following week in the same venue, to encourage cross-participation.

Luca De Feo and Clément Pernet gave presentations on Monday on the achievements of OpenDreamKit relevant to the Computer Algebra community.

OpenDreamKit participants: Luca De Feo from University of Versailles, Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Clément Pernet from University Grenobles Alpes.

OpenDreamKit sponsored the event (3000 euros

Event summary

This conference took place in Luminy (France) from February 4th to 8th. About 58 mathematicians and computer scientists participated to the event. Three of the participants also participated in the ``Free Computational Mathematics’’ conference the following week, while four other noted members of the French community in Computer Algebra, Joris van der Hoeven, Marie Françoise Roy, Fredrik Johansson and Bill Allombert, elected to only participate in the latter due to time constraints.

Slides for Luca De Feo and Clément Pernet’s presentations are available online from the conference web page: http://www.jncf2019.uvsq.fr/edt.html.

Results and impact

Computer Algebra is the birth place of computer-aided Mathematics, and all of OpenDreamKit software owe something to the field. Over the years, OpenDreamKit has constantly used the JNCF as an occasion to disseminate its achievements relevant to the community, through contributed talks.

The last edition of JNCF to happen concomitantly with the project was the occasion to double the dissemination efforts, and organize the JNCF in tandem with the main OpenDreamKit conference Free Computational Mathematics'': two invited talks at theFree Computational Mathematics’’ were delivered by noted members of the French Computer Algebra community, while one of the invited lectures at JNCF was delivered by Mohamed Barakat, a GAP developer and founder of the OSCAR consortium, close to the OpenDreamKit community. A full session was devoted to mathematical software on Monday afternoon, with two presentations given by OpenDreamKit members, and one by a MapleSoft executive, which triggered visible interest in the audience.

This was a successful workshop, and a great occasion to deliver successful developments of OpenDreamKit to its user base.

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