CIRM Conference: Free Computational Mathematics CIRM, Luminy, France, 11--15 Feb 2019

Main goals

Free Computational Mathematics was a community building and training conference for a wide mathematical audience: it was one of the main dissemination events for OpenDreamKit and our public closing event.

OpenDreamKit implication

This conference was organized jointly by OpenDreamKit’s sites PS and UG, under the lead of PS. The cost was about 60\,000\, Euro, covered by UK.

Event summary

We brought together users and developers of most OpenDreamKit software components (GAP, Jupyter, \Linbox, \MPIR, \PariGP, Sage, Singular). The workshop followed a long trend of highly productive workshops that we organised in the past, consisting of keynote talks and hands-on tutorials with a focus on experimental research and computational and development best practices. There was plenty of time for interactions and collaborative work. Part of the schedule was intentionally made up during the workshop itself, taking input from the participants on what trainings they wanted to see.

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Results and impact

On the dissemination side, many participants wished for the training to extend for more than five days, and for similar events to be organized at their location. In particular our three participants from Nigeria went on to organize a similar event at the University of Ibadan, with support and trainers from OpenDreamKit (See Sage Days 102 below). On the community building side, this was the first time that such a wide mix of developers from PARI, Singular, GAP, LMFDB, SageMath, Oscar, and Jupyter were gathered together and closely collaborating, which was invaluable for long term community building.

Free Computational Mathematics, CIRM, Luminy, France

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