CIRM Conference: Cohomology of arithmetic groups, lattice and number theory Luminy (FR), 2019-03-24 to 2019-03-29

Main goals

This was a research conference on the cohomology of arithmetic groups, with a focus on computational techniques.

OpenDreamKit implication

Bill Allombert was invited to give a 1-hour introduction to PARI/GP for a software session during the conference. He gave a tutorial on the manipulation of lattices, $L$-functions, modular forms and curves of small genus in the system.

OpenDreamKit participants: B. Allombert from Bordeaux.

OpenDreamKit funded the participation of B. Allombert to the event (about 600 Euro).

Event summary

This conference took place in Luminy (France) from March 24th to 29th, with the participation of about 70 mathematicians.

Slides for the PARI/GP presentation are available at

Results and impact

This was a successful teaching and dissemination event towards a community (arithmetic geometry, representation theory) for which computer-aided calculations is less natural than in other areas of mathematics: the talk was well-received with interesting feedback.

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