GAP Days Spring 2019 Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), 18--22 Mar 2019

Main goals

This was a meeting for experienced GAP developers and users to discuss and contribute to the GAP project. The overarching theme was algorithms for permutation groups.

OpenDreamKit implication

Michael Torpey and Markus Pfeiffer attended, and worked on software while learning more about GAP and permutation groups.

OpenDreamKit participants: M.~Torpey and M.~Pfeiffer

Event summary

This was a meeting for experienced developers and users of GAP to discuss and influence the future development of GAP. There was also an overarching theme of algorithms for permutation groups, with discussions and exercises relating to stabiliser chains and the Schreier–Sims algorithm. There were also various coding sprints for the GAP system and various GAP packages.

Results and impact

M.~Torpey learned more about the core GAP system and permutation group algorithms. He also made progress with work on PackageManager, which he was able to advertise to others at the meeting.

Workshops and Conferences